"I would highly recommend NL Acting Studio to any beginning or seasoned actor. Natalia has an amazing gift for understanding what great acting is and guiding/pushing you to get there. Best of all, she is also an amazing human being who genuinely cares for your well being as a person.Anyone in Florida, who aspires to be an actor- a great actor- should study at NL Acting Studio.” 

-Annette L.


"Natalia is an incredible acting mentor. She emphasizes the importance of truth in acting and has created a comfortable and fun environment to learn. Natalia has taught me everything I need to know about acting. I can't recommend her enough!"

-Aslan N.


“Natalia is hands down THE best at helping actors find their true capabilities. Before working with Natalia and NL Acting Studio, I swore I was strictly a comedic actor. What Natalia has shown me is that I am as versatile as they come. Each class I leave feeling more confident than before I walked in. If you’re looking to stretch your abilities and really challenge yourself to get better, then I recommend working with the best…and the best is Natalia. Her passion for the industry and individualized lessons will have you saying, “WOW. I had no idea I could do that.” I highly recommend Natalia for any actor at any stage in the business.”

—Clint J Robinson


“NL Acting Studio has been amazing in walking me through my acting journey.  Natalia has taken me from a curious bystander to a more secure and armed actor.  She has taught me the ins and outs of landing an agent and is never too busy to be there!”

—Rhonda Cusumano


“Natalia is one of the most passionate people I know. Choosing to work with her has completely changed my life and mindset. As a teenager you NEED someone who can teach, understand you, and have PLENTY of patience. Natalia does just that! She has a beautiful way with her words and how to explain things. Not only does she provide you with the basics but she will help you GROW from those basics and help you form healthy habits and a deeper understanding for the true art of acting. Natalia offers multiple classes that will challenge me and help me grow as an actor like scene studies and group workshops (As well as one on one privates). There have been times where I lack confidence but she will continue to push you and have faith in you. She’s a very personable person and has helped me build the confidence and proper tools I need in the real acting world. I am very thankful to have someone as goal oriented as I am. I am excited to continue working with Natalia as well as building even more tools to help me grow as an actor.”

—Brianna Adams


“Natalia has a distinct ability to connect with her students. She is mindful that each of her students are individuals. She adapts her private lessons in an environment where one can be courageous with their choices. The result is a wonderful discovery of new avenues of expression. You find yourself instinctively trusting and following the actions of that scene. At the end of my lessons, I always leave with a great ‘aha moment’…I love that!”

— Cecilla Quinn


“If you’re looking for the best in the Central Florida area, look no further! Working with Natalia has been one of the best experiences I’ve had since I started trying to break into the industry. I had taken a few different classes before I found her, but none of them had been as beneficial and worthwhile as her course. Not only does she teach you what you need to know, she builds your confidence and connects you to other people that will help you further your career! She really guides you and helps you to grasp things on your own, other classes will just throw information at you, but Natalia helps you to understand it and apply it to your acting. I have grown so much since taking her course and I could not have gotten as far as I have without her encouragement and training!”

—Erin Johnson


“Natalia is an exceptional, dedicated, passionate acting teacher and coach. Natalia is with you every step of the way. Best of all, Natalia teaches in an encouraging and honest way. She has helped me to develop the skills and the tools that I need to pursue a serious acting career. She continually challenges me to grow in my craft, and I love that!! Her guidance and encouragement as I navigate my acting career has been invaluable. She is a true actor’s champion!”

—Mara Darrow


“My daughter Sydney has been working with Natalia since May of 2016.  Sydney had been dedicated to her love of acting for several years and her father and I agreed that she was ready for a private studio to fine tune her craft.  I am so very pleased to have found NL Acting Studio.  Sydney has grown leaps and bounds since starting working with Natalia.  Sydney’s “confidence tank is full” as Natalia says.  Sydney looks forward to her weekly sessions as well as the NL Acting Studios Master Classes with her peers.  We highly recommend the NL Acting Studio to anyone who is looking for skillful teaching, honest approach, and quality acting lessons.  Thank you NL Acting Studio!”

—Alyssa Barker


"My daughter, Maddie, began working with Natalia a little over six months ago.  Natalia is more than just an acting coach, although in itself that would be enough.  Natalia is an advisor, counselor, coach, and friend throughout the entire journey.  She’s very accessible both literally and figuratively.  My daughter so looks forward to her sessions and I love to ‘over’ hear the laughter and deep discussion that goes on between them.  I’ve noticed a definite change in how my daughter approaches the process and each piece handed to her.  Whether you’re looking for a way for your child to express him/herself or looking for a savvy teammate to help launch a career, Natalia is the way to go!"

—Amy Clayman


“Working with Natalia has put all of my acting pieces together. I’ve been acting since I can remember and I acquired skills that I was able to put to use separately, but as soon as I started working with Natalia they all came together and I am a better actress for it. She has a way with words that just click and make sense. Not only does she help me build my tools for acting, but she helps me build my confidence for auditioning. She’s personable and really knows how to shape the pieces of a puzzle into a beautiful work of art.”

—Bailey Taylor


“Natalia is the most amazing coach and person. Her passion for the craft is her gift to us. Her knowledge and industry experience is the value she brings. She challenges me to push deeper when I have grown both personally and professionally due to her dedication and commitment to delivering well prepared, industry professionals. Thank-you Natalia!”

—Lorrie Monroe