Most acting teachers start their sessions with some sort of warm up exercise. Those exercises could include theatre games, sense memory, imagination or concentration techniques, etc. These are important as they help the actor loosen up, get in the right headspace and prepare the mind and body to fully receive the lesson they are about to learn.  

Actor’s emotions are set free through scene work if it's approached properly. In my teachings, I train actors to listen and connect with all their senses. When they learn to pull from deep within themselves for their responses and reactions in relation to the stimuli given in that moment, magic begins to happen. Those emotional wells they’ve learned to tap into will break open and release organic life and spontaneous truth in their performance. It is then that they capture the attention, imagination and trust of everyone watching. It is then that their story becomes real.   

When someone decides they want to be an actor and enroll in my private one-on-one classes offered at NL Acting Studio, they’ve taken the first step to turn their dream into a reality. In just a few short months, inexperienced actors learn so much more than how to simply act. They are taught how the industry works, how to make a career out of a hobby, the relationship between and actor and an agent, getting comfortable in front of a camera and on stage, how to successfully audition on camera and in person, the importance of headshots and so much more. 

My approach as an acting coach comes from my passion of Method training and lifetime experience of being in this business. I prepare actors to enter into this wildly exciting industry with the tools and knowledge to succeed.  

There is nothing more important to an actor than a strong support system and solid training. At NL Acting Studio, you get both. 

Busy season is right around the corner and we are here to help you succeed! 

Love & Light, Natalia xo