Goals = Healthy Habits 

This is not that stereotypical New Years resolution stuff, it's much more than that! If you are new to the industry to looking for a way to grow your craft this year, read on! This is our TOP 5 goal list for actors to not only make at the beginning of the year, but throughout each and every year. These goals will help to keep you inspired, accountable and on course with your career. 

Let’s get started! 

  1. Update all marketing materials (websites, headshots, resumes, casting sites, etc.).

  2. Book a callback for a SAG Commercial.

  3. Take a casting director workshop and become acquainted with the industry professionals in your town.

  4. Audition for professional theatre (try to do 1 show per year). There's nothing like live performance to stretch your instrument. 

  5. Get back in class!! 

These are the basic top five goals to be used as guidelines or inspiration. We are a GOAL ORIENTATED studio and believe in being realistic as well as challenging oneself. 

Good luck and see you along this journey.