Actors need healthy habits to ensure a lasting career in this industry. It's what we teach here at NL Acting Studio and are passionate about encouraging actors to pursue. 

Think for a moment: To be a tuned in, vulnerable and confident actor with massive empathy. To be able to release yourself from concern about how clever or put together you look. To be aware that dissociation and anticipation will constantly try to corrupt you. Entertain without apology. Celebrate the primitive and childlike state of play. Do interesting things and let interesting things happen to you. Combine humility for your craft with audacity in performance. Aspire to be known and respected. It takes work and healthy habits to achieve this. Here is a list of our top 4 healthy habits:

  1. TRAINING - Be consistently in class. This creates discipline, a refined professional instrument and attitude.
  2. SELF-CARE - Take care of your mind, body and spirit. To be a full, all in and free instrument, you need to be aware of all three working together as a whole.
  3. COMMUNICATION - Good communication with your team is IMPERATIVE!  This includes your agent, coach, manager and anyone who is financially and emotionally invested in you and your career. Respect is key.
  4. REPUTATION - Building a solid reputation as an actor is such a healthy habit. People talk and remember the way you make them feel. First impressions are lasting impressions. 

Be a Master over your own instrument. 

xo- Natalia