Speaking the truth can be a very powerful tool. We are trained in society to be polite. This often leads us to those little white lies, acting “fake” so people will like us, accept us, not judge us, etc. Wee are not often trained to speak or live in truth. The thought of being 100% truthful in every situation sparks fear in many people. 

In method training, you learn from the inside out. You discover every facet within yourself (mind, body and spirit) how to feel the TRUTH. Living in the truth is something you must work on in every moment of your life, for the rest of your life. Once you find your truth and understand the power of it and learn how to discipline yourself to be a truth seeker, people around you (your audience) tend to be moved and affected by it. This creates an honest, organic and believable moment which is imperative to great acting. 

Here is a story I love about Tom Hanks, winner of academy award for Philadelphia and Forrest Gump. When he was asked what comedy and drama have in common he answered 'Ultimately, it all comes down to telling the truth'. 

Tom Hanks was once asked what comedy and drama have in common. His answer, “Ultimately, it all comes down to telling the truth.” 

What is YOUR truth and are you living it each day?