Method vs. Meisner

Method vs Meisner?

Great question! It’s common sense for actors to aspire to be truth seekers. Striving to be believable and emotionally transparent. NL Acting Studio is the only studio in Orlando offering formal training in method. In the bigger markets like New York, Los Angeles and London, method acting is sought after and here’s why:

Method acting is a range of training and rehearsal techniques, that encourage sincere and emotionally expressive performances. These techniques were first discovered by the Russian actor and director Konstatin Stanislavski. He's known as the 'founding father' of truthful acting and understanding the success of studying human behavior to make better actors. The system cultivates what Stanislavski calls the 'art of experiencing' which contrasts the 'art of representation’, which is Meisner. 

I, myself, am a formally trained and proud method actor. I studied under the Lee Starsberg Theatre Film institute in New York. Strasberg approach to acting is that an actor makes use of their experiences in their own lives to bring them closer to the experiences of their character. This technique is called 'SENSE MEMORY' and I refer to it as a power house tool. 

Acting is Reacting; To be a Truth Seeker; To live truthfully within given circumstances; To be free and not think, but DO! Method acting is your ticket to achieving all of that..and much more. 

I look forward to seeing you in class! 

Xo- Natalia

Novy Creative