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This is an age old story. One that time and the millennial generation cannot change. The Talent & Agent relationship. 

It seems like every new actor is desperately trying to find representation, yet, few know how to go about pursuing and behaving once signed with one. They don't realize that once they get signed, their actions within that relationship can make or break their career. Thats why it's imperative that you learn good commination with your agent, have a clear understanding of their expectations (and yours) and knowing your goals with the willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve them. 

When an agent signs a talent, they invest a lot of time, money and resources into them. They promote, submit and pitch that actor with no financial gain (unless the actor books the job) or personal acknowledgment. That's their job and they understand that. It's the talent's job to make sure the agent has the BEST materials to market them, communicate their goals, keep their casting sites up to date, keep a flexible schedule and always give 100%. It takes time in any relationship to develop a mutual trust and Love/Respect. The relationship between a talent and agent is no different. 

Actors should be in class consistently, proving their commitment to their craft, treating themselves with love, respect and patience. Your agent is a huge asset and necessity in your career, so make sure you are treating them with the same love, respect and patience.  

Be reachable and available for auditions!

Communicate your availability, your goals, any concerns, etc. Keep your relationship transparent. 

Make sure your availability is conducive to the industry. If you aren't available, you can't work.

If you want to work as a professional actor, you must act like one.

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