Most actors understand that feeling of dread when people say “just go in there and have fun!” as if having “fun” is all that acting is. How nice, right?

You smile and nod at their oh-so-professional advice. Meanwhile, in your mind, you are in a constant struggle because you care so much about what you do that you want to live your dream RIGHT NOW. So much so, the end result is the only thing you see. It’s the only thing you think about and care about. As wonderful as it would be to go form A to Z, you can’t. You must go from A THROUGH Z. So stop ignoring the process.

Here’s the thing, I know you care deeply about what you do. You must. However, when you cross the line from caring to obsession, that’s when it all goes horribly wrong. That shift takes you from caring and loving your work to fearing that you may get it wrong and not book. How often have you said to yourself before an audition, “If I don’t book this, it’s over for me.”, “If I don’t book this, I can’t pay my rent.” “If I don’t book this, I must be a terrible actor.” blah blah blah? First of all, what makes you think that filling your head with such negativity and doubt right before an audition will allow you to ever perform well enough to book a job? Spoiler alert, it won’t. Those thoughts will block your creativity and ability to connect with your character. It took 600 auditions before Mark Ruffalo booked his first major acting job. 600. 

Do you want to have fun and get back to why you wanted to act in the first place? Drop the unrealistic expectation you’ve built in your mind on what being a successful actor is supposed to look like and start focusing on the uniqueness and originality of YOU and your choices surrounding your characters. Get back to your creative self. The one that sets your imagination free! 

Bryan Cranston’s advice to actors, “Know what your job is. Going into an audition to book a job is not what you are supposed to do. Your job is to create an interesting, compelling character that serves the text and present it the best you can and then walk away. Everything else is out of your hands.” I’ve included the full video below for you to watch, save and then rewatch every time you need the reminder. 

Know what your job is! Focus on what you can control. Stay present, train hard, trust your team, trust your talent and trust your journey! 

Training is practice and practice makes perfect.  

XOXO - Natalia