What does the title of “ACTOR” mean exactly? 

Well, it certainly doesn't mean “a hobby” or “something I think will be fun to do” or “I’ve been told I look like an actor” (that's my favorite).

It means to be sacrificial, hard working, courageous, brave, bold, self loving, confident without arrogance, humble, and patient. Very, VERY patient. 

The pyramid list of “An Actor’s Priority of Life” looks like this: 

#1. Training (number one priority) 

#2. Career management (the hours and effort of being your own entrepreneur)

#3. Day job (notice this is number 3. Not number 1 or 2. This is only a priority to pay bills and pursue 1 & 2 ONLY). 

Your day job doesn't determine your schedule of when you can be in class or how you can get to auditions. You work that around everything else to make your ACTING CAREER A PRIORITY. 

HENCE: Are you an Actor or are you someone who is toying with a hobby? 

You need to be ALL IN or ALL OUT.

XOXO - Natalia

Novy Creative